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    Fashion (P)inspiration: Date Night Edition
    SHIRT: Wildfox, Nordstrom/ SKIRT: PartySkirts, ShopBopSHOES: Christian Louboutin, Neiman Marcus; less expensive, NastyGal/ POCKETBOOK: Forever21/ NECKLACE: Carly/ EARRINGS: Baylor/ RINGAshley/ BRACELET: Morgan all by Emily Maynard for Towne Reese 


    Fashion (P)inspiration: Date Night Edition

    I have this friend who can easily spend hours on Pinterest, looking at outfits she'll never buy, food she'll never make, and craft projects she'd kill herself doing. But yet, I... I mean SHE.. still does it.

    Ok, whatever. We're all the same. We all do it, right? But you know what makes me so mad? When I click on the outfit and it doesn't tell me where I can buy all the pieces! Whats the point?! So, I want to try something new on the blog! You guys tweet me (@EmilyMaynard) or tag me in an Instagram picture (@emilygmaynard) of an outfit you're dying to recreate and I'll feature as many as I can right here! And since this was the kick off, I figured it would be ok to include the leopard print Louboutins I've been losing sleep over but I'll try to keep the prices as low as I can. Promise.

    What looks are you guys trying to recreate? Let me know in the comments!

    *Sorry I can't find the original picture from this outfit! In the future I'll always post the original. 


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    • I absolutely LOVVVVVE this outfit & I've been trying to find the right pieces! Help for a fellow Emily, please?! http://pinterest.com/pin/281897257897712441/  

    • Love this idea! Im on pinterest all the time seeing outfits I love and dont know where to get them. I would love to see a low price option of the All Saints outfit you wore to the Beyonce concert. It was my favorite by far!  

    • Detroit Duchess  /  website September 5, 2013 at 10:48 am

      I love this idea!! I am always looking for cute date outfits to go out with my husband. He likes to be casual so it helps to have outfits that are versatile, especially if you are going to do a few different activities.

      I love the idea of something like this:http://pinterest.com/pin/502362533405141066/ but with some sort of sweater/jacket. I am loving this color for fall!


    • I love this idea!  

    • Hey Emily!
      I love this post. I spend SO much time on Pinterest, fall in love with an idea, or an outfit and can never find any further information. I would love if you'd feature this outfit. Fall is coming up, and I think it's the perfect outfit for the season. Thanks!


    • This is such a great idea! I always fall in love with ideas or outfits on Pinterest, and can never seem to get any further information on them. With fall coming up, I want to buy some great staples for the season, I think this outfit has fall written all over it. I would love if you would feature it!


    • Great idea...have u checked out The Prowl? It's sort of a similar concept like Pinterest, but for shopping and it links u to where to buy. Also lets u submit questions like, "looking for outfit for 1st date, and people post suggestions. U would be a great contributor.  

    • I saw your necklace on www.thecoralcourt.com! She paired it with a dress and made it look so chic! I will be buying it. I had no idea you had a jewelry line!  

    • I had no idea you had a jewelry line! I just saw your necklace on The Coral Court blog! (www.thecoralcourt.com) I will be buying your turquoise one! SO pretty!

      Do you team up with Kristi? She makes your necklace look like an everyday wear!  

    • Kiarra Huntsinger  /  website September 5, 2013 at 3:55 pm

      Alright Emily, you are the guru of fashion. So its a no brainer that we want to create all your looks. Although this particular outfit is last season, it is a classic. You let us all know where you first purchased it, but seeing it was last season they no longer carry it, so where would you recommend the next best place to find your tribal sweater, or the best places to purchase tribal print?  

    • Could you recreate an outfit with an envelope skirt? They are ALL over Pinterest!  

    • Ashley at Sincerely Miss Ash  /  website September 5, 2013 at 4:28 pm

      I really love this idea Emily, can't wait!

      Ash xo,

    • i love this idea! i also would love if you would keep us updated as to what you are buying in the stores currently so we can get a chance to buy it too! A lot of what you blog about is so cute but mostly sold out! Would love to see what you are buying in stores now for fall! :)  

    • I'm selling the Urban Outfitters romper Emily wore recently in this post:


    • Emily!
      I've been dying to see some blogs on outfits you wore from the bachelorette. Like the brown riding boots you wore alot that I absolutely love!!! Ive been trying to find them!! But i def have some ideas from Pinterest. Thank you for all your help. Xoxo!  

    • I just love your style and follow your blog religiously! :). I know you're getting swamped with questions for this post, but I wanted to ask what you'd wear for an outdoor, fall family photo session. The photographer suggested choosing my outfit first, then coordinating the rest of my family's (husband and three kids) outfits to go with it. I've been looking on Pinterest for hours to get ideas, but keep wondering what Emiky Maynard would choose in that situation! :) It's going to be at a setting with outdoor trails, wooden railings and a dam. I like lots of color options I've seen.... plums with greys, gold, blues, greens.... but probably wouldn't pick orange. I would LOVE to see what would pick for this!!!!  

    • This is a great idea! Loving that party skirt- I feel like I've been seeing it all over lately. I also need a pair of leopard print shoes but it's probably safe to say I won't be buying the Louboutins unfortunately!  

    • I was just talking to my co-worker about this yesterday! Drives me crazy not knowing where you can buy the outfits or recipes for the foo posts!  

    • Love this! I can't stay off pinterest either... helps me so much with fashion an beauty ideas! http://mkr90.blogspot.com  

    • Emily, Inspiration idea: Instagram @zamarutjewel has gorgeous tribal jewelry! I can tell you love tribal as well so here is the challenge: Can you make tribal jewelry "Forever 21" affordable??? This is a request from us fans who want your style at the budget we can afford. Xoxoxo  

    • Emily! This post is so timely! I am dying for your smarty pants eyeglasses that you posted on Instagram awhile back. Please please please tell me where to get it or something like it. I just came back from the eye doctor and he told me I'm even more blind now than I was last year, so I will need a new set of glasses and I badly want yours. Please help us mere mortals look as beautiful as you.  

    • The look I would most like to conquer this fall/winter is the black leather (or pleather...I'm not picky) skinnies with a top and cute biker-esque jacket. I want to look like Sandy from "Grease." Without the perm. I love this look because it looks effortlessly sexy, and it can easily be dressed up or down. I have yet to master this look- the real thing is expensive! I seriously LOVE your fashion advice, and would appreciate if you could offer a way to create this look affordably, effortlessly, and, of course, stylishly (obvie!).


    • Hey! I'm a student at UNC-Charlotte and I have been trying FOR-EV-ER to find a cute game day outfits. It's so hard to find stuff I like in green and gold. I found this outfit and thought it was pretty cute but I can't find a yellow skirt like this anywhere! HELP! http://pinterest.com/pin/190558627956563673/  

    • Em, this is such a cute outfit! Definelty going to try to put together something like it! Thanks for the idea!!
      Lots of love, Emily Rose  

    • Hi Emily! Love the outfit. :) So I have a few fall weddings coming up and I really need ideas about what to wear! Any chance you could create an outfit for a fall wedding guest?! That would really help me out and I'm sure others as well. It seems that fall is a very popular wedding season! Thanks! <3  

    • Love this idea!

      Confession: I'm still totally obsessed with pinterest, too. It's completely addicting!


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