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    New Spin on Wedding Appropriate
    JUMPSUIT:  Perpetual Motion, Nasty Gal / BELT: exact unavailable, similar BCBG / NECKLACE: Carly / EARRINGS: Taylor / BRACELETS: Scarlet, Susie, and Bethany All by Emily Maynard for Towne Reese


    New Spin on Wedding Appropriate

    I have gotten countless emails asking me for advice on what to wear to summer weddings, so I figured I would try my best to put a new spin on it this year! Who says you have to wear the expected sundress? Why not change it up with a cute romper or like I did, jumpsuit! Not only are they super comfortable but when I wear one I immediately feel put together. I paired mine with a jeweled high-waisted belt and some of my favorite pieces from my new jewelry line. I love this necklace so much because it can easily be dressed up or worn with a tshirt a jeans. I'll do a post on that soon! I always like to belt my outfits, whether it's a dress or a jumpsuit, because it really defines your waist and flatters almost everyone.

    I went back and forth about whether or not it was appropriate to wear black to a wedding, but in my opinion that only rule is NO WHITE! Black might say, "I'm in mourning at your wedding and am secretly bummed it's not me," but not if you pair it with some sparkly jewelry, a big smile, and a nice gift from their registry!

    What do you guys think? What's your take on wedding appropriate?


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    • love this emily! can you be my stylist?? :) what belt is that exactly? its GORGEOUS. also are u wearing the brass earrings/necklace or the silver? its difficult to tell. thanks!  

    • love this emily!! can u pls be my stylist? :)) also are u wearing the brass earrings/necklace or silver? its difficult to tell. also where exactly is ur belt from? its STUNNING. hope we get more posts from you soon, especially different ways to style ur jewelry  

    • I definitely have worn black to a wedding and totally agree that it can be fine if you pair it with the right jewelry! Maybe Des will go that route in her wedding! ;)

    • Love this outfit!! Very pretty!  

    • I love the outfit, and the accessories really make it!! Your new jewelry line is awesome. I'm a 44 yr. old stay-at-home mom who would spend hours searching in clothing stores for something stylish but also appropriate for my age, and I was in a rut. So many outfits either looked to young or too old for my age. I absolutely love your style and follow your blog closely (all the way back to your Twitter "Get Lost" Forever 21 tee! :). I especially appreciate that not only do you show how to wear the clothes you suggest, but you also give links to them. You have really given me a fashion boost when I needed it most!! I'm getting lots of compliments on my clothes since taking your advice. I especially love maxi dresses now and my Dior Lip Addict lipstick. Thank you so much! Please keep the great tips coming!!  

    • I love it!  

    • Wow! A Princess.

      In your work, each client who has a good experience will pass word to one friend and each client who has a poor experience will pass word to ten friends. Give 'em your best.

      If there is any woman who I'd love to meet my family and friends, she is you: )  

    • So pretty, Emily. I've followed you since Bach days...you have such a classy style!  

    • Love this outfit Emily! I agree, you can wear any color but white or perhaps even cream? Adding a belt not only defines your waist but it also adds that extra touch to the outfit.. :)

      xo Ash  

    • Love this post! My brother is getting married on July 27th and although I don't have to worry about what to wear since I'm in the wedding, I have had so many people ask me what they should wear. It's an outside wedding with the reception in a barn. When someone else asks me, I'm referring them to this post! Thanks!  

    • What I always keep in mind with summer weddings is cute but classy. Being a young woman in my early 20's is hard when looking for dresses, the reason being they are always so short! When being at a wedding I think it's never okay to have revealing outfits on! My motto has always been "modest is hottest." Even at a HOT summer wedding in the south!  

    • I just went to a wedding and I wore a maxi dress with a high wasted Michael Kors belt to accessorize the dress along with an assortment of bracelets. I thought I would dress up the maxi basically. It was an outside Cali wedding with cool summer nights. Maxi kept me warm. Very similar to your outfit. You have to mix it up.  

    • I recently wore a black dress to a wedding with a bright teal pendant and matching heels. I questioned whether or not black was appropriate. In the end, I got TONS of compliments and decided that as long as you are wearing bright or sparkly jewelry and you are obviously in a good mood and showing no signs of being "gloomy" then black is totally fine.  

    • I recently wore a black dress to a wedding with a bright teal pendant and matching heels. I questioned whether or not black was appropriate. In the end, I got TONS of compliments. So, I agree that as long as you are wearing bright or sparkly jewelry and you are obviously in a good mood and showing no signs of being "gloomy" then black is totally fine.  

    • You look great in your outfit and it seems perfect for a summer evening wedding! However, I have to say, I would feel better in a lighter color for a daytime summer wedding. Love your jewelry and I'm your mother's age! Just goes to show, GREAT jewelry is great for ALL ages. Thanks!  

    • Love this look!!  

    • Love this look!!


    • First of all I LOVE nastygal.com and practically everything on their site, but I really love your take on wedding attire. It is always a big struggle or almost debate with anyone you ask and this cuts straight to the answer without feeling guilty.  

    • I love black for weddings just because black is such an elegant color. Plus, you can always accessorize with BRIGHT colors to accent the Summer season :) Good post, Emily!  

    • This is lovely!  

    • Black is fine. I do that all the time. But white screams rude and disrespectful to me.  

    • Emily this outfit is so pretty! I love the belt with the neclace. Totally not something I'd have thought up to wear to a wedding, but it's great!

      I love your website, thx for all the great tips!  

    • I would have to disagree. A romper? No thanks. I like maxi dresses, they make me feel so beautiful and put together. I like to look nice and a romper looks like you don't care about what you're wearing. That's something little kids wear, sorry!  

    • What shoes did you pair with this? I am all over this jumpsuit...just trying to figure out how I'd round out the outfit! Thanks so much for these outfit posts - they're by far my favorite topic you blog!!! :)  

    • Beautiful!!! I have been looking for the perfect jumpsuit for a while and now I've found it. Thank you!
      I think black totally works for a wedding; like you said, depends how you wear it. This look is fantastic!  

    • I'm a makeup artist and I've done hundreds of weddings. I've seen black cropping up everywhere in the bridal world. It can be very chic. I've worn black to a few weddings now. It looks especially appropriate with a cheerful pair of colorful pumps. Think fuchsia or cobalt in a soft suede!! Now-a-days brides are choosing black for their bridal party so that's enough of a green light for me! :)  

    • I would definitely wear this to a wedding. I think as long as you dress up a romper and keep it classy, it can be better than wearing a dress. You look so pretty Emily! Thanks for sharing

      <a href="www.ipinkiloveyou.com" rel="nofollow">I Pink i Love You</a>  

    • I agree -- no white! At my wedding, I hadn't seen my mom's and mother-in-law's dresses until the day of, and they both wore (off)white!!! They had told me they got beige dresses, but really, they were just one shade creamier than mine. Ugh!!! I was good--I didn't say ANYTHING.  

    • I love the idea of a jumpsuit! So much easier to dance in, right?! : )


    • This is my favorite of your posts. Your make-up, smile, earrings, necklace, hair, the lighting. It was all done sooo right. Well, well, done.  

    • What shoes did you wear with something like this?  

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