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    Polished & Pretty
    NAIL POLISH: Essie in "Fiji"; RING: Sydney Evan, Bergdorf Goodman (similar: Boutique To You)


    Polished & Pretty

    I bet you'd never guess that I used to be an extreme nail biter.  Until one time I was in Hawaii and decided to get a manicure at the hotel we were staying at. Little did I know it would cost me an arm and a leg, so I vowed to make it last for as long as I could. Which surprisingly ended up with me no longer biting my nails ever since! So I always keep nail polish on my nails because subconsciously I feel like it will keep my from biting them! Ever since I was on The Bachelor, the one question I get asked more than any other is "What kind of nail polish is that?"  I usually stick with milky white/pink colors, so today I'm going to be sharing my favorite picks! ESSIE IN FIJI: This is a creamy pink that also looks really good on toes. Be careful though because it's hard to do yourself! SALLY HANSEN COMPLETE SALON MANICURE IN PINK SLIP: A soft white color.. I like that the brush is really wide, so it's easier for me to do at home. It also lasts a long time. ESSIE BALLET SLIPPERS: A really pretty, natural pink.. Try using three coats! And if you like Shellac, try Romantique with a coat of Cream Puff on top. It creates the look of a mix between Ballet Slippers and Fiji. My sweet friends at Polished in Charlotte are the best at mixing colors and getting the perfect shade that lasts at least two weeks! Next time I get my nails done, what color should I try??


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    • YES, I always noticed you wore pinky white nails on the Bachelor and always wondered what color and brand it was.. I have Essie in Fiji and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect light pink color!!

      Have a lovely weekend Emily!
      <a href="http://sincerelymissashley.blogspot.ca/" rel="nofollow">Sincerely Miss Ash</a>  

    • Nice post. Im an nail polish addict myself. :(  

    • Ever since I noticed your nail polish when you had to drive the racecar on The Bachelor, I have followed your polish style! Fiji is a staple in my polish set. And if I'm doing shellac Romantique it is! I love your girly style!  

    • Love the nail polish colors you use! So classy and elegant, yet fun :) I'd like to try lighter pinks, but I have paler skin so I don't know how that would fair... any advice for us very light-skinned ladies?  

    • Since you were on the bachelorette you have been my
      IDOL and your nails were always perfect in beautiful. I researched the crap out of the Internet to get to find what color you used. Safe to say I stocked up on Essie Fiji and
      Ballet slippers so I could always have my hands look as pretty as yours! Thanks em :) hope you had a safe and fun holiday!  

    • Oh and adding to my other comment-for all of you Essie Fiji lovers, give Butter London's Teddy Girl a try. It's a lot like Fiji but less sheer...so two coats do the trick! :) It is not as streaky and Butter London's brushes are perfect. And the polish stays long!  

    • So love your site Emily! You are awesome. Thanks for
      Sharing all your tips!

    • I just recently had a pedicure in Essie Figi and I love it! I feel like it enhances my tan with it on my toes. I also had the nail tech put a small triangle of small rhinestones on each big toe, which is really out of character for me to use anything other than polish. I was worried that it would look tacky but it actually is very cute and it really glammed up my toes. I usually stick with pinks and corals on my toes in the summer but I really love the nude look also.  

    • I love those colours! I very much like whites or super light tones like those but I also find them very difficult to do myself.


    • I recently had a pedicure and I used Essie in Figi. I usually stick with pinks and corals in the summer but I think that the nude look brings out my tan when it is on my toes. I always stick with polish only when I'm getting a pedicure, but this time I asked the nail tech to put a small triangle of rhinestones on each big toe. It may sound tacky but it actually looks really good with the nude polish. It really glammed up my toes! You should try it! I was inspired by a look I saw on Pinterest.  

    • LOVE this color! So pretty!


    • I wear two coats of romantique.... What does creme puff add? More pink? Thnx love your style ... Please blog about your hair extensions  

    • Essie Sugar Daddy is a very pretty sheer pink, if you want a change from milky. I love Essie Fiji and ballet slippers. Another good one is OPI Mod about You. It's pretty identical to Fiji. I love the ring, btw!  

    • Bubble Bath by OPI is amazing... I got it in shellac, and I also added ombre gold glitter on the tips of my nails.  

    • Detroit Duchess  /  website July 5, 2013 at 7:21 am

      I have been dying to try Romantique in Shellac, but my nail salon is out of it right now (boo!). I do love Shellac's Tutti Frutti for summer. I have used it three salon trips in a row now.


    • My favorite is Fiji and Ballet Slippers! I'm a sucker for rhinestones.. lol


    • Thanks for the tip, Emily! I'm definitely going to try out Ballet Slippers and see how that works on my pale skin :)  

    • Can someone please tell me what the brand of the romantique is? Or is there only one brand of shellac (Have I been living under a shell?!) Thank you! :)  

    • I almost always have Fiji on and am always getting compliments on it! Absolute favorite! :)  

    • I used to be a nail biter too myself! I didn't think anybody else would really understood- little did I know my inspiration would understand! So glad you put up this post! I am a complete girly girl too and this post is so fun but very helpful! Thank you! Any advice on finding a good nail strengthener?  

    • Emily! I am a huge fan of you! My favorite polish along with your fabulous choices is OPI "mimosas for Mr. And Mrs." It's the perfect shade of white/light pink with a little touch of peach. It's soooooo pretty you should try it! Let me know what you think :)  

    • I love all of those too. Nothing looks better than a creamy pink or neutral color against tan, summer skin. Essie's "Adore-a-ball" is great. Zoya nail polishes are another favorite of mine because they go on nicely, last long and have a gel nail look.  

    • When I read about your posts on nail polish, it interested me into buying some for myself. Now, I use it all the time! They are now my new favorites!  

    • Lindsay Blake  /  website July 5, 2013 at 8:20 am

      Emily, you should try Mod About You from OPI. Fiji used to be my favorite, until I found Mod About You. :)  

    • I Love all things Emily. I have great natural nails and love ballet slippers but it seems to not look right on with more than one coat. it looks too thin in spots and too thick in others. What should I try to even out the spots ?  

    • Gorgeous manicure! Mine are the same shade right now.

      Love from South Africa


    • My new favorite gel polish is Burst My Bubble by OPI. Perfect blend of millky pink white blend.  

    • I think you would like Sally Hansen Ring My Shell. It's translucent but it would look great on top of any of the polishes you mentioned above. It gives the look of an inside of a shell. It has a nice wide brush too.  

    • My favorite Essie is instant hot which is similar to Fiji but more white tones. Also love Essie limo scene which is a little more sheer. Love your site Emily!!  

    • So funny- I use Essie Ballet Slippers and Sally Full Manicure in Pink Slip too! I also love Chanel nail polish in Pearl Drop and in Ballerina. Worth the splurge sometimes! I know you don't mind spending on beauty products ;-)  

    • Thank you so much Emily!! That totally answered the question I have been wandering since your season on the Bachelor!!! Such a sweet girlie to take the time to answer our questions, you make sure you take care of everyone!! So stoked!!!  

    • Emily,

      Do you normally just paint your nails or do you use shellac? I did notice how nice your nails always looked on the show and I was always curious.  

    • I wore Essie Minimalistic on my wedding day last month and it was STUNNING. I have the same skin and hair color as you Emily, and I got compliments from everyone. It looks similar to Fiji except a teeny bit of pale pink added in. You should definitely try it! And it only took 2 coats, whereas Fiji usually looks better with 3. This summer, I bought an awesome periwinkle blue color called Bikini So Teeny by Essie. It looks great with a tan foot. :) Oh...and for you girls getting married, I wore Essie Bachelorette Bash for my bach'ette party. It was perfect for a night on the town! Thanks Em for this awesome blog. I've already tried a ton of the products you recommend. And we all really appreciate seeing you answer our comments in the comments section. Have a great day!  

    • The brand is CND, Creative Nail Designs, Shellac.  

    • One more thing, Emily.... Have you guys tried Birchbox? It's a $10/month subscription in which you get a pretty box every month filled with a bunch of good-sized samples of the newest, greatest beauty products. (Kinda like how sephora gives you samples when you buy), except these products are top of the line, and the best part is... they also include one full-size item in the box every month. Example, a full bottle of conditioner or a full-sized jar of a great facial masque. I'm not a salesperson for the company or anything, I just started using it recently and it seems like something you'd love Emily, especially since you said you like to try the newest beauty products. There's also a similar one called Glossybox which is a bit more expensive but includes very high-end products. And you can't beat $10 a month for a bunch of great samples AND a full sized beauty product. It's like Christmas every month, because you don't know what you're getting. It's a surprise! And the box it comes in is SO pretty! Let me know if you end up trying it.  

    • OPI Sweet Heart and Orly Kiss the Bride are two of my favorite milky pinks! Not as sheer as the Essie colors so two coats is enough!  

    • I tried this color today since I'm having a baby soon and the gender will be a surprise, so I wanted a soft white to be on team "neutral"!!!! Thanks for the tip. You can see a pic of my friend and me at the nail salon on Instagram! @tabbordelon ;) WE LOVE YOU!  

    • I've been lusting over Essie Fiji for a while - I think it's about time that I pick it up for myself! :) If you like polishes in the white family, try OPI Happy Aniversary. It's a beautiful shimmery white.

      -Lindsey | <a href="http://zipandzeal.blogspot.com/" rel="nofollow">Zip & Zeal</a>  

    • Love the Essie colors! I am currently really into <a href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00421Z0ZI/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00421Z0ZI&linkCode=as2&tag=amodcomboo-20" rel="nofollow">OPI Nail Lacquer, Sweet Heart, 0.5-Fluid Ounce</a>. It's a pale pink - but a white pink. Love!  

    • Essie's French Affair is my FAVORITE milky pale pink!  

    • I have used Marshmellow by Essie for years. It is the perfect opaque/milky/white. Then, when Shellac came out I used Marshmellow on my toes and Studio White by CND on my hands. It's a really good match. The other CND color I love is Rubble --it's a great deep grey/taupe. Again, opaque/milky. Perfect for fall.  

    • Essie is the perfect colour when in doubt! I love it xo


    • If you're feeling sassy, Essie Knockout Pout is fabulous!  

    • Emily! I was wondering if you could recommend a pretty shade of blue for family photo on the beach? Wearing a sweet little white dress and leaning toward Bikini so Teeny. What you think?  

    • I have been in the mood for a tropical color. Essie Sunday Funday looks really pretty, an orangey coral with a tiny hint of shimmer!


    • OPI-Mod About You & Care to Danse?..the best!  

    • Hey Emily,

      Thanks for your post. I was just wondering what you use for base coat and top coat? I'm trying to find something a bit affordable that also dries quickly. I currently use Sally Hansen, but even after it "dries" so quickly, it still smudges or gets scratched like it's not set.... if you had any ideas, that would be awesome. thanks in advance.  

    • i currently use Tom Fords Naked which is gorgeous! Im african american and your fuji looks good on me too. Try Essie's Nude Bikini and Imported Champagne. I have gone through bottles of those colors. Great post :)  

    • So you prefer a traditional manicure or a shellac manicure? I'm worried that shellac may damage my nails. Thanks!  

    • Crystal Gayle July 7, 2013 at 12:04 pm

      I would love for you to do a blog on Hair Extensions. What brand, kind, length, and color you prefer. And I'd love for you to try: Too Faced "Marshmallow Bunny" and Smashbox "Pout" lipstick. Lipliner?

      Thank you
      Crystal Gayle  

    • michelle strickland July 7, 2013 at 5:49 pm

      Ilove this color and it is great for the summer and matches everything ! I lpove your style and fashion advice. Keep up the awesome work you are doing and I am so looking forward to july 10th ! Have a great day !  

    • Jessica Harrison July 7, 2013 at 6:16 pm

      I like to do shellac. I use cake pop with a coat of romantique over it. It looks kinda like a mixture of mod about you and fiji.  

    • Jessica harrison July 7, 2013 at 6:26 pm

      I like to use shellac. My favorite is cake pop with romantique on top. I also like studio white with a coat of romantique.  

    • Such a pretty nail color! And obsessed with the love ring...I've been looking everywhere for a ring just like that!


    • Try Gelish You're so sweet you are giving me a toothache! Very similar to Essie Fiji. I am so glad for this post and was going to ask you since I was searching for your nail polishes since the first episode of The Bachelorette!  

    • Emily,

      How many coats of Romantique when you put a coat of cream puff on top? 1 or 2?  

    • Christina Storm July 9, 2013 at 6:43 pm

      Fiji by Essie is my absolute favorite too!
      So so pretty!

      <a href="http://www.thestylestorm.com" title="The Style Storm" rel="nofollow">The Style Storm</a>
      xo, Christina  

    • cute ring & pretty nail color! just perfect for summer :)


    • Emily, I will have to try Essie Fiji...that's where my hubby and I went on our honeymoon! ;) Also, I'm scared of color on my fingers for some reason so this will be good for them as I too like soft pinks on my fingers. On my toes, I LOVE Essie DJ Play That Song!!!! SO pretty!!! I think it's considered "neon." http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/essie-neon-collection-2013-nail-polish/3517007?cm_cat=datafeed&cm_ite=essie(r)_'neon_collection_2013'_nail_polish:906629&cm_pla=makeup:women:nail_color&cm_ven=Google_Product_Ads&mr:referralID=80de7b87-e9af-11e2-9dea-001b2166becc  

    • Emily,
      I love Essie's ballet slippers! It's one of my favorites. If you like that one then you should definitely try OPI Bubble Bath. I will need to try the Essie Fiji one! Thanks! :)  

    • Hey Emily! I need your help!! :) I have a wedding this weekend and I am wearing a bright yellow dress...what color should I paint my nails?!?! Having such a hard time with this!!


    • Love love love Ballet Slippers! I discovered it after doing some serious research regarding your nail color on the Bachelorette haha! I've been wanting to try Fiji but am having a harder time finding it. Just got Essie E-nuf is E-nuf and it's a great bright summer color!  

    • Which color is the one in the picture?  

    • Emily,
      A while back you tweeted about Fiji by Essie being your favorite nail color. I almost always wear Fiji after your recommendation and I get compliments on it every day! Love it! Thank you!  

    • Love Fiji! But it is hard to work with on your own, definitely suggest a professionals help for that!
      Emily you should do a blog on hair extensions, your hair is always amazing and in sure every girl who knows who you are would love to know your secrets!!!  

    • Emily, have you tried OPI's Sweet Heart? I love it! What's your fav toe colour? I always go crazy on my toes and conservative on my hands :)  

    • Emily,
      I absolotely LOVE this ring!! Wish I could afford it :-( I will be searching for a cheaper version of it! <3  

    • Topless and barefoot by Essie  

    • Hi! What color do you have on in the picture you posted on this blog post? Fiji?  

    • Hi Emily! Is this Shellac or on your real nails? I tried this at home and it doesn't look half as pretty as yours :)  

    • OPI Privacy Please is a little more neutral and has more pale pink in it, vs white, if anyone wants to warm it up a little but still have a beautiful, classic look. Plus the name is awesome. ;) Love Em's recs.. thank you!!! Happy summer!!! :)  

    • Sarah Di Lorenzo July 23, 2013 at 8:19 pm

      Thank you Emily! Next time I go to the nail salon, I will definitely choose those shades! Always have been a fan of your nails!  

    • Hi Emily! I now bought Essie "Fiji" nail polish and I absolutely love it. It looks great! Here where i live it just was quite expensive ($19.77) but it is a big bottle so I can enjoy the color many, many times. :) Thanks for the tip again Em!! :) <3  

    • Hi there! I love your blog! Thanks so much for all the great tips! I always look forward to reading your posts. I have the 2 Essie nailpolish colors that you mentioned, and I like them as well. So today I ventured to 3 stores in search of the Sally Hansen nailpolish that you mentioned. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate it, that color must not be available anymore. I went to Ulta, CVS and Walmart. But I'm going to go look for the Shellac color :) Thanks again!  

    • Sally Hansen complete salon manicure: Arm Candy  

    • Hi Emily,
      I read that with colors that are sheer / go on streaky, you should:
      1.) do one coat of color and let it dry
      2.) do one coat of a matte-fying polish (I use Essie's version)
      3.) do another coat of color.

      It helps the second coat go on more smoothly and without streaks! I tried it last night and it worked!

    • this is so crazy, i have been trying to find your nail color since watching your season and only just came accross this post :) thanks for the tips! you're amazing!  

    • mani/pedi color combinations | grey et al  /  website July 30, 2013 at 6:02 am

      [...] If your workplace requires your fingers to be less-than-bold, try Fiji a la Emily Maynard on your fingers and bring out your personality with Jamaican Me Crazy on your [...]  

    • Best of the Week: Round 3  /  website August 2, 2013 at 6:40 am

      [...] Polished & Pretty via Emily Maynard [...]  

    • Hi Emily!

      Your nails are always look so beautiful!! What do you use on your nails for a top coat to prevent chipping? I get so irritated when I paint my nails and a day later they have chipped. Super annoying!! AGH!

      Thank you!

    • Hi Emily! Love your nails! Where is your "Love" ring from? I love it!!  

    • Hi Emily, I adore the "love" ring you're wearing in this picture. Where can I find it? Thanks! Julie  

    • That is to funny because I used to be an extreme nail bitter too!!! So I have to wear nail polish also so I won't ruin or bite my nails. It's helped me a lot and my nails are longer than they've ever been! :)  

    • What do you think about nail polish strips from Sally Hansen or Essie? Do you think they work well?  

    • Where is that ring from? It is gorgeous.  

    • Hi Emily! Love everything you recommend! Quick question: what program did you use to write on the photo of your nails? It turned out so cute! Thanks!  

    • Emily,

      I love Essie colors, but they always chip so fast on me! Even with a no chip mani. How do you get it to stay for 2 weeks?  

    • Hope Unterschuetz December 31, 2013 at 7:00 am

      I like the white-out look too. Very pretty although many people don't get it.I just loved watching you on The Bachelor. That's the only season i watched.  

    • Haha! Fiji is my favourite, too! I never wear anything but white or baby pink colours and Essie is the perfect colour. It looks so good whatever skin colour you may have. Light colours look so good on tan or black skin! I remember watching the bachelorette and I LOVED your nails! They were so elegant and ladylike. How do you maintain your nails?? Mine always crack and it's so frustrating because I like them long. What do I do to maintain them??  

    • Liza Studebaker February 4, 2014 at 4:33 pm

      I've always loved your nail color and was delighted to find this blog! However, I use an LED light at home and Shellac isn't formulated to work with LED. I'd love to hear your suggestions for OPI's Gelish or any other LED curing gel polish. I've tried so many attempting to recreate your look - but haven't yet! Congrats on the engagement - you both look so happy :)  

    • Em, I'm a fellow Key West girl :) Wanted to tell you- try Shellac CND color in "Studio White". It's the perfect gel color most similar to Fiji! Have it on my nails as I write this :)  

    • I love all these colors, too!! Another fav of mine is OPI funny bunny. You should try it!!  

    • Hey Emily- when you say use Romantique (my fav gel) with cream puff, is it 2 coats of Romantique tand then the the cream puff replaces the top coat
      Or, are you doing one coat of each plus the top coat?
      BTW, my salon does fiji on my toes in two coats and it looks gorgeous! I'm addicted.
      Thanks for all the tips.  

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