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    There's no denying I'm a love all things summer and I'm definitely a warm weather girl, but the heat in Charlotte right now is next level. I'm trying to remind myself of all of those freezing cold mornings that I couldn't feel my fingers but it's becoming more challenging as it keeps getting hotter and hotter.

    One of my biggest beauty challenges during the summer is trying to keep my face from being shiny but not layering on a ton of makeup. I could easily keep a powder in my pocketbook and touch up throughout the day, but by the time I look in the mirror my skin looks like a cakey mess. I've tried a lot of different products that I can take on the go and my favorite is the Mally Poreless Face Defender. The best way to describe it is if your powder and primer had a baby. I keep it in my pocketbook and if I'm starting to get shiny I just pat a little on my face with the sponge after I blot with a blotting paper. Any shine is gone without leaving behind the matte, ashy look of powder and it diffuses any fine lines I may have which is always a plus in my book!

    Have any of you tried Mally Face Defender yet? What's your secret weapon for looking fresh despite the heat?


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    • Hey Emily!! I just so happen to find your blog thru pinterest. I can't wait to follow you. I absolutely adore you and plus we're both from NC. ;)  

    • I love this product! I have never met anyone else that uses it!! It's a must have in my summer purse. Love your whole blog by the way! And the jewelry line is amazing! Can't wait to order, basically all of it!  

    • Definitely helpful tip! Know exactly what you mean about the shiny face problem! And not in the REM song kind of way! ;)

    • I feel the same way. I can't seem to find any product that makes the cake-y-ness go away. I'm going to give this a go. I love the heat, but my make up and hair don't.. lol

      <a href="www.ipinkiloveyou.com" rel="nofollow">I Pink i Love You</a>  

    • I have never heard or of Mally Face Defender but it definitely sounds interesting!! I like to use a waterproof and oil free SPF first and then I apply a tinted moisturizer on afterwards. I found that it acts like a primer and I don't get too oily throughout the day but if need to I will add a little bit of my MAC Mineralize SkinFinish powder.. I should definitely look into this Mally Face Defender :)

      xo Ash  

    • The humidity is killing me, and all the rain is driving me crazy! At least we haven't had an 100 degree day yet...

      Definitely going to have to invest in Mally Face Defender. Thanks for the tip, Emily!  

    • I have this exact same problem! I am SO excited to try this product! Thank you for sharing sweet Emily! Happy Friday!


    • Love beauty tips!!


    • Hi Emily! I would LOVE for you to do a post about your workout/ diet regimen. What your favorite workouts are and your go-to healthy breakfast, lunch, dinners, etc.  

    • Emily,
      I love your style and you are so pretty! I play sports outside and I can't seem to keep my makeup on my face! It runs off before I know it! Do you have any suggestions on what to use?
      Thank you!! :)  

    • I remember you tweeted about this a few months ago and I was really interested in purchasing it after I researched it. Now this blog post makes me WANT to purchase it. It sounds exactly what I need! I am going to order it asap! The shine is the worst in the summer. Blotting papers help, but then I look all Matte. Can't wait to try this! :) Thanks Emily!  

    • Emily-where do you get this at?  

    • Well guess who will be investing in some Mally Face Defender? This girl! I live in Louisiana, and most days the heat gets so bad I just refuse to leave my house. However when I realize I still have to go to work and/or go to the grocery I begrudgingly head out into the humidity. 2 things that I always try to keep in my car: coffee filters and Starbucks napkins. Coffee filters absorb any oil you get on your face and are cheaper than blotting tissues if you can't afford them all of the time. The same goes for Starbucks napkins which is nice to know since there's a Starbucks virtually everywhere!  

    • I live in Wilmington, NC and the humidity is absurd in the summer! I also have oily skin, and after I use an oil blotting sheet, I use MAC Blot powder. It seems to work pretty well, but I will have to try the Mally Face Defender :) Thanks for the suggestion  

    • Brooke Story  /  website July 19, 2013 at 2:26 pm

      I bought this after watching emilynoel on youtube rave about it. I haven't used this in a while and may need to rediscover it!  

    • Krissy Dermody July 19, 2013 at 9:46 pm

      Love your blog! I've been follwing since you launched it. And you're on my flight right now to JFK and you look darling as always! I would love to see some video tutorials on hair and makeup:) Enjoy New York! Cute guy, BTW.  

    • Love your article! Never had this problem and I live in Raleigh NC for years. A good face primer and a cream to powder foundation does the trick! Light and natural and inexpensive with a high quality product. Chrck out mu website for professional makeup artist (from LA to NYC) tips! I think you will find alot of tips from the insiders in the beauty industry! Love your blog!!!  

    • I need to try this out!!


    • I'll have to try the powder! Sounds like a great option! I learned a great tip from a makeup artist for Stila; instead of using blotting papers, which remove oil and your makeup, use Chipolte napkins! It sounds crazy, but it works so well!  

    • Hi Emily!

      Is this available in Canada?  

    • I am the biggest Mally Beauty Fan...I LOOOVE her entire line!!! All of her products r AWESOME, but especially the Face Defender!! I also LOOOVE Mally mascara, eyeshadow sticks, high shine liquid lipstick & primer!!! Another AWESOME line is Dalton Cosmetics!! :-) XOXO  

    • M.A.C blot powder works wonders for touch ups.  

    • Do you still use temptu airbrush makeuo because I'm really considering buying it!?  

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