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    My Favorite Combos

    Neon Pants
    Denim Outfit
    Maxi Dress
    Shorts & Blazer


    Haley Earrings-Brass Ox Blue Turquoise
    Haley Earrings - Silver Ox Blue Turquoise
    Carter Earrings-Brass Ox Clear
    Carter Earrings-Silver Ox Clear
    Corrinne Earrings-Gold White
    Corrinne Earrings-Gold Blue Turquoise
    Kira Earrings-Gold
    Kira Earrings-Silver
    Baylor Earrings-Brass Ox Clear
    Baylor Earrings-Silver Ox Clear
    Sophia Earrings-Silver
    Brooklyn Earrings - Brass Ox Turquoise
    Brooklyn Earrings-Silver Ox Turquoise
    Mason Earrings-Red Coral Deep Teal
    Mason Earrings-Raspberry Moon Stone
    Adelaide Earrings-Brass Ox
    Adelaide Earrings-Silver Ox
    Taylor Earrings-Gold Clear
    Taylor Earrings-Silver Clear
    Sally Earrings-Light Blue Tonal Raspberry
    Sally Earrings-Wood Howlite
    Skyler Earrings-Amazonite Gold
    Skyler Earrings-Raspberry Gold
    Skyler Earrings-Blue Turquoise Black


    Mindy Necklace
    Ellie Necklace
    Claire Necklace
    Wrigley Necklace
    Kate Necklace
    Virginia Necklace-Brass Ox
    Virginia Necklace-Silver Ox
    Carly Necklace-Brass Ox
    Carly Necklace-Silver Ox


    Sophie Bracelets
    Laney Bracelet
    Cameron Bracelet
    Madison Bracelet
    Ava Bracelet-Brass Ox
    Ava Bracelet-Silver Ox
    Bethany Bracelet-Brass Ox Clear
    Bethany Bracelet-Silver Ox Clear
    Susie Bracelet-Brass Ox Clear
    Morgan Bracelet-Brass Ox Clear
    Morgan Bracelet-Silver Ox Clear
    Lane Bracelet-Gold
    Lane Bracelet-Silver
    Natalie Bracelet-Gold
    Natalie Bracelet-Silver


    Anna Banks Ring
    Ivey Ring
    Ashley Ring-Brass Ox and Clear
    Ashley Ring-Silver Ox and Clear

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